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Covid-19: The Mother of Invention Optimizing the Community Hospital Pharmacy During a Global Pandemic


Joan B. Haltom, Pharm.D., FKSHP, is the System Director of Pharmacy at Ephraim McDowell Health in Danville, KY. 


Health systems around the world have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing pharmacy leaders to reevaluate clinical services and adapt new solutions to an ever-changing landscape. Many of these solutions, including switching to ready-to-administer premixed solutions, have helped pharmacies overcome immediate Covid-19 challenges while simultaneously accelerating long-term organizational goals.

We evaluated the clinical experience as it relates to the pandemic. This article gives detailed information about initial problems and concerns, decisions that were made to address those challenges, and how those solutions not only helped one rural health system operate effectively but propelled it to reach long-term quality of care objectives

You can download the whitepaper by clicking the link below.

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