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Scientific Culture

Values are the driving force behind bringing innovation to the market

Our scientific culture and company values are the driving force behind bringing innovation to the market. A strong science/technology knowledge base and internal talent pool, combined with fostering direct communication with the medical community is key to solving important healthcare challenges, which will have direct impact on saving lives.

The Xellia scientific culture has evolved over many years of successful pharmaceutical product development. Main pillars of our success story are excellence in basic science, fundamental understanding of basic principles in medicine, chemistry, pharmaceutical science and biology and collaboration between teams and individuals. The Xellia R&D process is seamlessly integrated and there are no barriers between fields of expertise and/or departments. Collaboration and team work are strong connectors opening up opportunities for innovation and space for implementation of the most recent scientific knowledge and technology in order to bring to the market place innovative products addressing unmet medical needs and challenges in delivery of safe and effective treatments for the benefit of the patient.

Our research groups include:

  • API development: Based on fermentation processes developed by experienced teams consisting of chemists, molecular biologists, analytical chemists and chemical engineers.
  • FDF development: Innovative finish dosage form development by formulation scientists and analytical chemists
  • Non clinical /Clinical development: experienced team of scientists covering in vitro biology, non-clinical safety assessment and clinical development
  • Medical affairs: supporting R&D with medical and pharmacovigilance expertise, in addition to other activities within their scope of responsibilities

Projects are the core of our innovation and therefore project teams are coordinated and aligned by a strong project management team to ensure creativity, innovation and optimal productivity. Regulatory affairs are an integral part of the organization, providing guidance to the R&D team in order to navigate our work in line with relevant regulatory requirements.

In addition, there is a strong emphasis and commitment to individual professional development. Great innovation can happen only with continued investment in people development. Finally, continuous communication with the entire organization, openness to ideas from all possible sources and a culture which empowers people to ask questions, challenge and propose new ideas regardless of their professional background are important generators and enablers of innovation.

Xellia’s global R&D growth strategy is rooted in a culture of innovation with a deep understanding of the ever changing regulatory and business environment. Our R&D team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and pharmaceutical technology excellence to extend the utility of our core products as well as develop differentiated anti-infective treatments.