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Experience meets innovation

Our extensive experience and zest for innovation enables us to bring high quality therapeutic solutions to the market and we are proud to know that this approach leads to the development and manufacture of products that make a difference.

We stand out as a market leader thanks to our investment in research and development, our commitment to improving the profile of existing anti-infectives and our experience in developing new drugs to tackle the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance.

Our scientific culture

Our scientific culture and company values are the driving force behind bringing innovation to the market. Our strong science and technology knowledge base and internal talent pool, combined with continuous direct communication with the medical community is key to solving important healthcare challenges, which have a direct impact on improving lives. 

Scientific culture

Investing significantly in R&D

We have invested significantly in R&D over the past five years to create a platform to enable the development of a pipeline of more innovative anti-infective products that is focused around patients and aimed at solving unmet medical needs in the increasingly challenging anti-infective therapeutic area.

Xellia’s innovative pipeline of value-added anti-infective therapies