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Xellia's response to the COVID-19 outbreak

With the COVID-19 outbreak now being a global pandemic, all Xellia Pharmaceuticals sites and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO's) are subject to adaptions commanded by local, regional or national Health Authorities. Xellia Pharmaceuticals has acted on key processes to adjust its manning plans, promote telecommuting of non-key manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance and distribution personnel. Additionally, inventories of raw materials, starting materials and consumables have been increased in parts of Xellia Pharmaceuticals' supply chain.

From a distribution standpoint, Xellia Pharmaceuticals has taken mitigating steps with its carriers and third-party logistics service providers to ensure that alternative transport modes, routes and equipment may be identified and activated to support continuity of supplies to our valued customers. This has meant converting air freight to dedicated road freight or sea freight whenever possible, shipping products through countries or hubs unaffected by travel restrictions and securing bookings longer-term. Customers have also been contacted to move deliveries ahead of time whenever possible to avoid possible standstills.

With the situation changing by the hour and more countries ramping up containment efforts, we are fully engaged in surveying and increasing logistics readiness to minimize possible delays and maintain intact its commitment for reliable supply of its anti-infective treatments for patients in need.

For more detailed information on our response to the COVID-19 outbreak and specific information on our different sites and products contact us at: +1 (847)-947-0200 (for the United States of America and Canada) or at +45 32 64 55 00 (for all other countries)