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Our purpose, goal and values

Our purpose is to save lives through innovating critical care and anti-infective therapies.

Our goal is to demonstrate excellence in innovative development and state-of-the-art manufacturing to meet the demands for anti-infective and critical care therapies for patients around the world. 

Our values:

Being our Best:

We are a company which aims at being the best within our field, and thus we as employees and leaders are encouraged to strive to improve, apply our strengths and bring out the best in ourselves and in our colleagues. We are encouraged to seek and apply our own strengths, embrace and drive change and treat others with respect.


Xellia and its employees have an array of valued internal and external stakeholders. Being accountable in the work we do and in our behaviors is highly esteemed as we must deliver to our commitments both internally and externally in order to ultimately provide our important critical care anti-infectives to the patients in need.

Openness and Transparency:

Openness and Transparency is key to our working environment; we believe that by engaging and communicating clearly and directly, we achieve sharing correct and relevant information that is understood, and as a result, honest and timely feedback can be received.


We consider Xellia a unique place to work. We appreciate the traits that make us all unique as individuals and celebrate the successes that come from our willingness to take chances and dare to be different. The value that resides in our employees and is seen throughout the organization, we call not only a value of Xellia, but also a personality trait of Xellia, Zest. Zest is derived from our employees, through an enthusiasm to make a difference in society and excel in the work delivered.


We truly believe that we can only succeed in our purpose through the engagement and expertize of our employees. As a company we want to foster a culture which strengthens employee engagement and the expertize of its employees.

We build our culture on four values and our Leadership Promise which serve as an enabler and reinforcement to our behaviors and actions both as employees and leaders.

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